Gonfaloni ComunaliGonfaloni Comunali

The gonfalon is the symbol of a municipality and it represents its citizens. We manufacture each gonfalon according to the Decreto di Assegnazione that Italian Ministry gave to each municipality. We use only fine materials: natural silk for the base and gold or silver braid for the fringes. The embroideries are made by hand or by sewing machine, using silk or rayon yarns, according to your needs.
We manufactures three types of gonfalons: gonfalons sewed by hand, gonfalons made both by hand and by sewing machine and gonfalons manufactured by sewing machine.
We also offer the related accessories such as tricolour ties, mourning bands, ropes with bows made of gold or silver yarn, transparent boxes in order to protect the gonfalon from the rain, wooden or metal poles, beams with brass pommels, spears, pedestals, bags.

Realizzati secondo le caratteristiche indicate nel decreto di assegnazione al Comune. Tessuto di fondo seta naturale, frange in canutiglia oro mezzo fino o argento. Ricami realizzati a mano in punta d’ago o a macchina con filati di seta.

Forniamo gonfaloni comunali in tre versioni: interamente a mano, in parte a mano e in parte a macchina, interamente a macchina.

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